Payroll services

Payroll Outsourcing and Consulting Services in Thailand

Employees are your great asset and payroll services are crucial. You have to ensure that your employees are accurately paid on time. In addition you have met all regulatory requirements is also critical. We are able to provide either outsourced payroll or advisory services.


  • Preparation of payroll for both Thai residents and NON-Thai residents with the compliances of the Revenue Code to ensure that the monthly withholding tax will be filed and submitted accurately and on time. The summary of annual withholding tax must be done and reconciled against the monthly withholding tax submission.
  • It is required by the Social Security office to prepare the workmen compensation report annually and it must be reconciled with the annual withholding tax reporting. The workmen compensation report leads to the workmen compensation contribution payable to the Social Security Office. We can assist the company to prepare this kind of report and calculate the workmen compensation contribution.
  • Review the employment contracts of hiring foreign employees if required. By doing this we are able to ensure that the contracts will not leads to any open tax disputes in future. Many companies leave this matter with HR staff whose may not know and understand the international tax issues clearly.   
  • Review the expenses reimbursed by the foreign affiliated companies in relation to the relocation of expatiates to Thailand and ensure that personal income tax will be calculated and submitted accurately. By doing this we are able to ensure that we will be facing negative impact in future due to the shortfalls of tax submission. 
  • Review and prepare all reports in relation to payroll will be provided and submitted accurately in a timely manner such as PND1, PND1 GOR, Pay Slip, Social Security Fund Contribution, Provident Fund contribution Individual withholding tax certificate and so on.
  • Assist and advise the personal income tax annual filing (PND90, PND91 and PND93) accordingly.
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