TAX advisory and recommendation services

Tax Services for Thai and International Tax Liabilities

THAI FREELANCE can support you with all aspects of Thai and International taxes to ensure that you will obtain clear, concise and practical advices. As a consultant, we understand the complexities of the regulations of the Thai Revenue Codes and Double Taxation Agreement.


▶ Tax Compliance

Preparation of tax compliance forms are required to file and submit in a timely manner. Our services are to review and assist the company till the following tasks are done successfully. 

➢ Preparation of the Corporate Income Tax (CIT): 
There are two CIT returns to be filed, half year (PND51) and annual
corporate returns (PND50). Any company conducting both BOI and
NON- BOI business are required to segregate the calculation of net profit 
across BOI projects as well as NON-BOI activities when proceeding
for tax returns.

➢ Withholding Tax Returns (PND2, PND3, PND53 and PND54):
Certain types of income domestically or oversea paid to individuals and 
companies are subject to withholding tax at source. The withholding tax 
rates on type of income and the tax status of the recipient. 
The payer of income is required to file a tax return and submit the 
amount of tax withheld within the due date accordingly.    

 Preparation of personal income tax returns (PND90, PND91, PND93 and PND94): 
All employees in Thailand must proceed for filing an annual personal 
income tax return within the due date. The employer must provide the 
withholding tax certificates to all employees to substantiate the filing.

➢ Withholding tax returns for employers (PND 1, 1 GOR):
PND1 is the form of tax withheld by the 
employer from salary of the employees. It is the responsibility of 
the employer to file and submit to the Revenue Department
on monthly basis. 
PND1 GOR is the summary of 12 months of PND1. 
The employer must file and submit to the Revenue Department 
on yearly basis. 
The proper reconciliation of PND1 and PND1 GOR is required.

➢ Preparation of value added tax returns (PP30 and PP36):
PP30 is based on 7% of sales or purchase detailed in tax invoice. 
The form must be submitted within 15 days of the following month. 
In case that there is no VAT incurred for the month, 
the company is still required to submit the blank VAT form with the zero 
amount of tax to comply with the Thai taxation law. Whereas the PP36 is 
based on 7% for supplier providing services overseas and such services 
are used in Thailand. 
The form must be submitted within seven days of the following month. 
Our services are to review and assist the company till 
the following is proceeded successfully.

➥Review all output and input tax invoices to ensure that they contain all
particulars as required by the Revenue Code and claimable 
under the Revenue Code.

➥Review the oversea payments for import goods and services on 
which VAT may apply.

➥Reconcile Output and Input VAT reporting against the amount 
recoded in the general ledger.

➥Prepare the Output and Input VAT reports and submit the VAT returns
within the deadline. The VAT returns, PP30 and PP36 are required 
to submit on or before the 7th and 15th day respectively of the 
following month.

➥Assist the company to clear up the matter of long outstanding VAT

Investigations and tax refunds:

We have the skill and knowledge for a long time in dealing with the tax officials to get through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Managing and processing tax refund claims in Thailand can be confusing, costly and time consuming. We can support you by liaising with the Thai Revenue Department on your behalf, providing you with the confidence that you have the best advice. We are very experienced in tax refunds such as long outstanding VAT, withholding tax and corporate income tax.

Double Taxation Agreement (DTA):

Remittance made to overseas suppliers may incur a withholding tax deduction. However counties with Double Taxation Agreement with Thailand may have different applicable rates. Determining which expenditure subject to withholding tax is complex and penalties for non-compliance can be significant. Once the payments are made we can proceed for the request of withholding tax certificate from the Revenue department and distribute them to the suppliers. We have the skill and knowledge of DTA for a long time in dealing with all payments made across the border and withholding tax related against the DTA. We are confident that our recommendations and advices are reliable and plausible.      

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